Our projects

Youth diplomacy

Shared UN values by students is the key stage of building the democratic society

Northwest Russian team at Annual Model UN in New York at the UN headquaters More information

We have been coordinating the participation of students from St Petersburg and Northwest Russia at annual Model UN in New York at the UN headquaters from 2014.
In february 2018 our team of 50 students has attended this largest youth diplomatic conference!

Model UN workshops More information

In Saint Petersburg we organize UN workshops at secondary schools and universitites with participation of leading experts in dipomacy.

Regional identity and student networks

Strong youth connections in region based on common values guarantees the successful cooperation of countries

Nordic discussion club More information

Discussion of currents regional issues by students of school and universitites in addition to public speaking training 

Network region trips More information

The best way for building youth networks! 

Youth business cooperation

Cooperation with neighboring countries is the fastest way to success

Russia – Scandinavia Business Bridge More information

Mission of this project is promoting of business cooperation in the region. It consists of two parts: 10 Russian students explore the business accelerators in Stockholm realizing the current needs of Northern European markets, model of Nordic business and social responsibility and 10 students from Scandinavia explore the business accelerators in St Petersburg realizing the current needs of Russian markets and specific issues of conducting business in Russia.

Detailes on project are coming soon

Upcoming projects: Fall/Winter 2018-2019

Cooperation with neighboring countries is the fastest way to success

Nordic Model UN: global challenges from Nordic point of view More information

Coming soon

Model of CBSS More information

Coming soon

Baltic Debating Cruises More information

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Russia – Scandinavia Youth Business Bridge More information

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About us

Our team is involved to Nordic cooperation project for 7 years: our founders are young entrepreneurs and post-graduate students, young diplomats and coaches; we participated in different regional projects of leading universities (Saint Petersburg State University, Tampere University, Stockholm University and etc), governmental and non-governmental organizations: Swedish Institute, CBSS, Saint Petersburg government and etc.
In 2017 Nordic Rise was created on the ground of common expericence of our founders.