Our projects

Youth diplomacy

Participation of Russian youth team at Model UN, UN HQ, New York More information

We have been coordinating the participation of Russian high school and university students at annual Model UN at the UN HQ in New York from 2014. Our team was represented by 70 delegates in 2019.

Global diplomacy More information

Diplomatic workshop and UN expert briefing at the UN HQ, New York

UN workshops More information

We organise UN workshops at secondary schools and universities with participation of leading experts in diplomacy in St Petersburg and Moscow.

Regional identity and student networks

Visits to CBSS HQ, Stockholm More information

Our delegation was represented by 50 students of School of International relations of St Petersburg State University in December 2019.

Nordic discussion club More information

Discussion of currents regional issues 

Youth business cooperation

Nordic Youth Business Bridge More information

The mission of the project is the development of youth business cooperation between the countries of Northern Europe, Belarus and Russia, built on the North European business model, as well as stimulating the creation of startups and promoting social corporate responsibility among the youth of Russia and Belarus.

The format of the project suggests:
 - Involving representatives of corporations, accelerators, and universities of Northern Europe to introduce the northern business model and conduct a Brainstorm with the participation of students and experts from universities in Russia and Belarus (with the involvement of at least 300 students).
-A selection of seven startup projects in Russia and Belarus, which shall receive regular consulting support, as well as the selection of 7 NYBB ambassador bloggers (with a total number of subscribers of at least 100,000) who will cover the progress of projects at all stages.

The participants of the selected seven startups will present their projects in one of the accelerators in Northern Europe. Finalizing our activities, experts from universities, accelerators, and corporations shall create a manual on conducting international startups in Northern Europe for students of Russia and Belarus.

About us

Our team is a collaboration of young entrepreneurs, scientists, young diplomats, and coaches who are passionate about Northern Europe and are willing to make a difference.
So far our efforts have resulted in eight years of successful cooperation with leading universities (Saint Petersburg State University, Tampere University) as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations (Swedish Institute, CBSS etc.)
This project is proof that shared expertise, knowledge, and enthusiasm are the essential tools to create and maintain reliable international cooperation.
Our mission is to help those who have a vision get the performance and sustainability they need to make their ideas come true.









Nikolay Parfenenok, Nordic Rise founder